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Guardian's Haven Collection

  • Rs. 1,999.00
  • Rs. 2,299.00

In the enchanting world of our Guardian's Haven Collection, the delicate allure of Blue Lace flowers is masterfully woven into a symphony of exquisite jewelry pieces. This collection pays homage to the meadows' intricate beauty, preserving the delicate patterns nature has painted. Each item encapsulates the artistry of the wild, allowing you to carry a fragment of its graceful elegance. Wearing these pieces is akin to entering a realm of quiet strength and timeless allure, where nature's most cherished secrets unfold. Allow the Guardian's Haven Collection to be your emblem of understated beauty and unparalleled sophistication, enhancing your charm with the peerless grace of the natural world.

  • Measurement: Pendant- 2*3.1 mm, chain length: 18 inches; Bracelet- Adjustable size with diameter of 2.5mm; the circular bezel is 2.5 cm in diameter
  • Botanical Fusion:  Blue Anne Lace
  • Materials: Pressed flowers, resin, silver-plated bezel, silver alloy cuff

Care Instructions:
To maintain the pristine condition of your jewelry, please avoid exposing it to water or harsh weather conditions, as these may lead to discoloration of the metal alloy. When not adorning your outfit, we recommend storing your jewelry in the provided cloth pouch, in a dry and well-ventilated area.

Please Note:
Each flower and seed used in our creations is a unique natural specimen. Consequently, the actual flowers or seeds you receive in your order may not precisely match the images shown, as nature's beauty thrives in its individuality. The images are provided for reference purposes, offering a glimpse of the exquisite variety you can expect in your handcrafted piece.

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